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  • Spiral pipe is formed from a coil of prime metal into rigid steel tubing with a 4-ply spiral lockseam.

  • Smooth interior pipe for low friction loss with the grooved seam entirely on the outside. 

  • Crushing resistance approximately  2 ½ times that of longitudinal lockseam or welded pipe


  • High Efficiency VAV Systems, the Most Efficient System Available

  • HVAC Applications

  • Can be Fabricated as Flat Oval

  • Dust Removal and Fume Exhaust

  • Spiral Pipe Used in Grain Handling and Material Conveyance

  • Spiral Pipe in Architectural Applications


  • Lower Heating and Cooling Energy Use

  • Reduced Air Leakage with Spiral and Flat Oval Duct

  • Faster Installation Time with Spiral Duct

  • Less Material Waste with Spiral and Flat Oval Duct

  • Attractive appearance

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Join us in Austin for SPIDA's 2023 Annual Meeting!
April 20-22, 2023
• • •

We are excited to welcome keynote speaker
Josh Davis
Josh is a 3-time Gold Medal Olympic swimmer who will share his principles of leadership that anybody can apply to achieve maximum effectiveness for a group striving for peak performance.

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